Why should you specify CactusBoard® in every one of your projects?

“This is the easiest, least expensive, sure-fire way to stop basement water problems I've ever used. My call-backs have stopped and I won't build another home without it. I tell my homebuyers what they're getting because many of them know of someone who has had a problem with a new home. CactusBoard® gives my home buyer a 20 year, transferable dry floor warranty.”

- Custom Builder, Albany NY

“In 2½ years, our division has not had a single wet basement problem with any of the homes using CactusBoard®. This means no more wasted time or money fixing leaks or paying for damaged belongings. We will be recommending CactusBoard® to our corporate office.”

- Production builder, Minneapolis MN

These are comments from two of the many builders, who are now giving their homebuyers a dry usable basement, while they eliminate the costly homeowner call back.

CactusBoard® is a product that absolutely works. And with over 300 offices, Basement Systems has a service network that will respond to any warranty issue (millions of feet have been installed without a claim).

As a problem solver, I'm sure you will see the value of including CactusBoard® in every one of your designs for sub-grade areas.

And because we know builders want to maximize the value they offer and minimize their expenses, this DRY basement system comes with a 20-year warranty that can be in place for less than $200. based on average foundation footprint. Your builder can buy direct and can refer to your firm when calling.

The homeowner calls US, not you

Because you used CactusBoard® Dry Floor Edging, your homeowner got a warranty that they can activate at closing by faxing it to 203-881-5099. Once they do that, we register the warranty and send the homeowner a Congratulations Letter.

That letter directs the homeowner to call Basement Systems – NOT YOU – if they have a problem with water on their basement floor.

Best of all when you use CactusBoard®, if there is ever a wall leak, the homeowner is not in a panic because there's no water reaching the basement floor, ruining their things.

We take the callback for you. How can you beat that?