CactusBoard Warranty Program

CactusBoard Warranty Information

You will not have to deal with time- and profit-eating call-backs ever again. CactusBoard will keep water from reaching the floor and when water reaches the floor is when a homeowner will call (over 9 million feet in the ground without a claim).

Our office near you, (we have over 200 throughout the world) will service any claim covered by our 20-year dry floor warranty.

The process is simple. If you are not the builder, but an installing subcontractor, or a reseller, we ask that you supply us with the names of the builders you work with who are installing CactusBoard. We need this information in order to communicate these next simple steps:

  1. CactusBoard is installed.
  2. Builder completes and gives a copy of our 20-year warranty to the homeowner, and lets them know to call Basement Systems if they have any questions or concerns.
  3. Builder faxes a copy of the warranty to Basement Systems, Inc. at 203-881-5099
  4. Basement Systems office will notify the builder and subcontractors as to any work performed, thus keeping everyone informed.

We must ask that a warranty form be completed and faxed to us in order to honor any warranty claim. No warranty form will result in having no operable warranty.

To download PDFs of the warranties, click below:

CactusBoard Warranty

CactusBoard II Warranty