New construction foundation drainage system

Cactus Board Installed

CactusBoard® offers GREAT benefits!

  • Inexpensive.
  • Easy for builders to install.
  • Nearly invisible once the basement floor has been poured.
  • 20-year warranty from the world’s largest basement waterproofing network.
  • Durable, rugged waterproof construction.

“Do it right so you won’t have to do it over.”

If you know anything about home construction, you understand the wisdom of this statement. To offer the best value in any new home construction project, it’s critical to install the right product in the right way at the right time. This explains why builders love the CactusBoard® drainage system.

One product achieves two critical drainage functions

CactusBoard is a unique and patented drainage system designed for installation around the interior perimeter of the basement during foundation construction. The strong, waterproof polyethylene molding has an L-shaped profile so that one leg can fit against the basement wall, while the other leg rests atop the footing. The molding’s dimpled surface creates an effective drainage channel along both surfaces.

CactusBoard captures any water that leaks or seeps through foundation walls before the water can get to the basement floor. It also serves as an effective footing drain. We recommend combining the CactusBoard drainage system with a sump pump surrounded by a gravel drainage bed near a corner of the foundation. It’s the best basement waterproofing system available!

The best for a new basement: Installing CactusBoard

Foundation Wall Footing

Step 1: Tack the L-shaped molding in place so that legs fit against the foundation wall & footing.

Sump Pump Install

Step 2: Position sump pump near the foundation wall and install a gravel drainage bed inside the footing.

Basement Floor

Step 3: Pour the basement floor.

Effective Drainage

Step 4: Done! The dimpled design of the molding creates a continuous gap that ensures effective drainage.