The Best Sump Pumps for New Construction

A sump pump is a critical component in a basement waterproofing system. But when many homeowners hear the words “sump pump,” they are likely to envision an ugly open sump pit in the basement floor. It doesn’t have to be that way. Instead of meeting the homeowner’s expectation with a standard “pump-in-pit” installation, why not exceed their expectations with a sump pump system designed to perform well and look impressive as well?

Important components in a SUMP PUMP SYSTEM:

  • A durable plastic sump liner houses all components, making the system attractive and easy to keep clean.
  • An airtight lid enhances safety, as well as appearance. The lid prevents pests and debris from interfering with the pump. It also ensures compatibility with radon mitigation systems.
  • Powerful, top-quality Zoeller sump pumps provide industry-leading performance. Zoeller pumps feature cast-iron construction for heavy-duty use.
  • Battery backup capability keeps the waterproofing system working even when the power goes out.
  • A mechanical float switch isn’t prone to jamming like “ball on wire” switches are. Our floats are solid rather than hollow, so they can’t malfunction because of punctures or leaks.
  • A one-way floor drain, available on some systems, provides extra protection against basement flooding. Any water that leaks onto the basement floor can flow easily through this drain and into the sump liner.

It’s a system, not just a sump pump

We refer to our sump pumps as “systems” because there are many critical components besides the pump itself. Some of the most important components are explained in the box above.

All four of the sump pump systems described below are designed to provide powerful, reliable, and long-term performance. And instead of creating an eyesore in the basement, these systems express the high levels of craftsmanship associated with top-quality construction.


TotalSump. This is our standard, high-performance sump pump system that comes ready to install. The included no-hub rubber fitting makes it easy to connect the pump to a standard 1½-in. discharge line.


A warrantied sump pump system for new home builders!

Prevent wet basement call backs with our sump pump system! CactusBoard - New Constructions provides a foundation waterproofing solution for new home builders that is easy-to-install, inexpensive, and warrantied for 20 years! Contact us today to get started!