CactusBoard II Installation Tips

Cut and install your corners first

CactusBoard II Installation CactusBoard II Installation CactusBoard II Installation
  1. To create an inside or outside corner, begin by making a cut in the radius so that it falls between the spacer, as shown.
  2. Fold the CactusBoard II to form the inside or outside corner.Then with a masonry nail, tack to the wall.

    Outside corners will expose part of the footing. Cover with either a handful of stone or duct tape. This will keep concrete from getting into this void, which could block water flow. Inside corners should allow the radius of one side of the corner to fold over the radius of the other side, as shown.

  3. Install CactusBoard II around the rest of the perimeter by laying it against the wall, on top of the footing, slightly overlapping each section and tacking to the wall with a masonry nail.

    It may be necessary to shave the spacer at the end of the overlapping section so that they lay together.

  4. Drainage outlets should be cut once per wall, or every 20 feet. To cut a drainage outlet, cut a flap up to expose the opening that will be used for drainage.
  5. Then, lay a piece of CactusBoard II a few inches wider than the opening under the flap you just cut to drain water across the footing to the subfloor aggregate –once per wall – it’s easy!
  6. If you are not past the edge of the footing, cut another piece and extend the drainage path.

Alternately, two pieces can be butted against each other, and placed under the flap to extend the drainage path across the footing.You will need to cut the radius off and butt together as shown.

Make sure these pieces touch the edges of the drain opening as shown. Also be sure to push these pieces in so they touch the wall. Nail to footing to hold in place.