Sump pump accessories

Don’t settle for a good waterproofing system. Basement Systems has what it takes to make it great. Our selection of accessories and components is the result of over 25 years of waterproofing experience. If you want top performance, excellent appearance, easy serviceability and enhanced protection against unwanted water, check out the products we can provide.

Zoeller pumps. Pump failure is a primary cause of basement flooding. That’s why it’s smart to use only the best pumps. We sell powerful, heavy-duty Zoeller models rated at 1/3HP and 1/2HP. Cast iron housings, heavy-duty internal components and super-reliable mechanical float switches are some of the features that make these pumps so reliable.

Check valves. This one-way valve is essential for preventing water from flowing back through the discharge line. We stock “full-flow” check valves with 1½-in. threads that connect via a rubber fitting to 1¼-in. or 1½-in. pipe. We also have in-line check valves for 1 ½-in. pipe.

No-hub fittings. Thick rubber hub fittings combined with stainless steel hose clamps are good to have on hand for sump pump installation, repair and maintenance. These flexible fittings make it easy to connect and disconnect the sump pump discharge line. Reduced vibration and noise suppression are other benefits.

Pipe collars. Use these fittings outside the house to cover an unsightly hole made for the discharge pipe. Our white plastic collars are sized to fit over standard 1½-in. plastic pipe.

Condensation pucks & indicator strips. Set this metal disc on the basement floor to determine if basement dampness is due to water seepage or humid air. A replaceable paper indicator strip provides the verdict.